Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tonight it has come to me to talk about PRIVACY.

first of all, i just wanna put a statement that i REALLY REALLY HATE when somebody disturb my privacy. i can swear that i never disturb anyone's privacy as far as i can remember.

lets say i give you a situation, if they left their belongings in my car, or in my house. i can guarantee that I WILL NEVER TOUCH THEIR BELONGINGS.

that's what happened to me. and now they found something that i wrote a long time ago, that i'm sure no one would ever see that. yeah it quite embarassing. and now IM REALLY PISSED OFF! GAAAAAAAHHH.

im sure that everyone feel the same way if someone disturb their privacy and laugh at you as if it was nothing.

argh. i have so much to say but im really pissed off now so TTYL gukh